• Lower Cost and Controlled Delivery
  • Broadening of Service Level Improvements for Customers and Vendors
  • Development of Logistics Programs for Freight Cost Reduction
  1. Reduce costs to offset chronic pressures on product and service pricing.

  2. Respond to customer’s request to streamline supply chain process.

  3. Adapt new technological and procedural advances to keep pace with customer needs and competitor challenges.

  4. Invent new programs that eliminate unnecessary cost and create competitive superiority through highly crafted delivery systems.

  1.  A typical project creates a 15% profit improvement.

  2. 40%-50% of the trucks on the road are not loaded to capacity.

  3. With 30,000+ of active carriers in our database, we can locate the deficit lanes.

  4. We introduce relevant data from our $20 billion database and re-engineering techniques.

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